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DHP-1565: Router Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit

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Here a link on a different hoster. I hope this time it is convenient.

Chabadoo is a close friend. He build the firmware for me. I do not know the details. He told something about extracting the firmware, replacing the plc firmware of the plc in the linux image of the firmware. The plc firmware is loaded during the boot process of the router and that it is impossible to brick the router with this mod.
I trusted him and everything works like a charm for me. Usually firmware updates for PLC devices can be done via a tool from Atheros called AVitar. That is also how we were able to determine, that it is not the most recent PLC firmware from Atheros that is included in the Dlink Firmware.

He did not change anything else. However I mailed Dlink a year ago about my issues. Official firmware 1.03 changed the MAC of the PLC in all my Devices (I have three of them) and the AES Passphrase does not work anymore. Dlink told me they will check and some weeks later, that I am right, but they wont fix it, because they do not provide support for the device anymore. That was a year ago - stupid Dlink people.

Due to issues with my PLC connection I asked chabadoo if he would know  fix and this genius created a modded firmware in less than 1 hour.

Here again the link. You can always revert back to the official firmware if you dont like it. Only way to notice that the firmware of the PLC indeed changed is to use the Atheros avitar utility or any other plc tool that can read the firmware version of the plc device.

DLink Router Firmware on Mega.co.nz

I love it. My connection issues are gone.


Citazione di: C@rciofone il 27 Agosto 2014, 09:27:25Hello devilstorm!
Could you indicate the source of this modded firmware?
There is a site or a blog reference?
There is also a official D-Link firmware 1.03B01.

The mod does not change the firmware of the entire router. Only the firmware of the PLC. There is a second Atheros ARM IC in the router called AR7400, that is responsible for the PLC connection, but firmware is loaded to the nvram from the Main ARM Core.

Further information on the PLC firmware, that was included by Chabadoo can be found here:

AR7400 Firmware

Its italian language. Should not be an issue for you.


Thank you for your really interesting contribution. Here in Italy the product is not very common and so the problem was not detected.
The method is very useful to keep this router updated with the new PLC series DHP-308 328 etc ... I will do a test immediately.

Perhaps in the same way we can change the firmware 1.03BQB01 of DHP-W306AV that does not allow downgrading to firmware WW series.
You can ask Chabadoo if it goes to say goodbye, just in case. :D


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